Why is a Website important for your Business?

Websites have been around for decades now. So much so that any business service that does not have a website are considered abnormal or suspect of quality. Here are a few reasons as to why websites are necessary for any business –

Competitive Edge

It’s pretty simple. If you are not online with a website offering information about your products/services then your competitor would be. Potential customers who are looking for products/services that you provide are, searching the same on the web and if you do not have a presence there, they will go to the next available service provider who might be your competitor.

Product Awareness and Services

It has become imperative to have a well-updated website for all businesses today, even when you are providing the said services offline. That’s because most customers check out the service provider online. They go through the site, read through reviews and in many cases they seek an opinion about your services and products with other customers before they even approach. That’s the reach of the Internet. Even if you are providing the services offline, an online presence is a must or else it might be detrimental to your sales and marketing.

A Marketing Tool that works 24/7

A website is your best marketing tool that works for 24/7. It is there online showing up on online search results helping you garner potential customers who are looking for product/service providers. A website allows the customer to contact you well after the business hours thereby giving you an opportunity for sales at all times.


Websites are cost-effective. A good website is a great one-time investment which you can use for a period of at least 5 to 6 years. That makes this a great marketing collateral that doesn’t run out in a couple of months, unlike a brochure or catalogue.

Reduce Marketing Costs

If you do not have a website, the prospect of any marketing activity is reduced only to print media, television or events. Both these prospects cost a lot of money and time. Print media is costly unless you happen to have the budget for the same. Even then, you can’t really wax eloquent about your brand. Each word counts when it goes to print and the same holds true for television ads too. When you compare this with a website, you can include pages and pages of information and get as detailed and informative as possible without any extra cost!

Enhance your Brand Image

Have you ever come across products that are so badly made that you even wonder how the said company manages to sell them in the first place? Well if you analyse this, you will find that most of these brands really have a great website in place that gives the illusion that they are dealing with a world-class product. Now if you are indeed selling a top-notch product that doesn’t compromise on quality, then your website needs to reflect that and it always works wonders on the brand.

Today, with the advent of mobile apps, websites are becoming all the important because most shopping apps are an extension of the website and vice-versa.

Simple Tips for improving your Website Design

Designing a good website is a challenging prospect. It needs to be simple enough for the customers to navigate and yet must be picked up by search engines to offer in their search results.

Here are a few simple tips to improve your website design

Clutter-Free Design

Clutter-free design is one thing that would give your website a whole lot of white space and help your visitors make sense of what they are seeing. Content needs to crisp, concise and unambiguous and it must instantly connect with the visitor and encourage him/her to explore the site further.

Mobile-friendly Responsive Design

Gone are the days when people used to wait to get their laptops out or boot their desktops to browse. Today, you have handy mobiles and tablets available to start browsing almost immediately. If your website is not mobile-friendly then you are losing out on many potential customers. The design needs to be responsive and must shrink its size according to the display of the device. This is no more a fancy afterthought but a much-needed design update for all websites.

Improved Navigation

There is nothing like a simple and easy navigation that would delight any visitor. There are a few things that your visitor is searching for on your site. Analysing this data would help in improving the navigation. Online Payments, FAQ, Contact Details or any other detail that they are looking for can be presented as a quick links section on the website. If the visitors of your site are left searching through the website, they are no going to come back again.

Clickable Banners

Clickable Banners makes it easy for the visitors to get back home. It is a small tweak but it saves a lot of time for the user. With most sites offering this option, most visitors today click on the banner/logo without any second thoughts. It not only makes the navigation easy but also keeps the visitor within the site for a long time.

Contact Details

This is one page that should not be buried within pages. It needs to be displayed rather prominently on the menu bar or on the side links. You might lose a potential customer if the visitor has to hunt for this page through your site.

Web design trends change all the time, therefore, it is important to review your site every six months or so and tweak it to accommodate small changes that make a great difference.

Importance of a Professional Business Card Design

Sometime in the 17th century in Europe, business cards (also known as visiting cards) were being used by members of the aristocratic class to announce their impending arrival at their acquaintance’s home. These visiting cards had varying designs and its presentation was directly proportionate to how affluent the bearer really was. Engraved visiting cards with ornate typefaces became a fashion necessity and town homes of the aristocracy even had silver trays made specifically for their visitors to leave their cards on.

By the 19th century, visiting cards were used by just about everybody and tradesmen found it immensely useful to advertise themselves and their services. That’s when the ordinary visiting card, which was until then used for the sake of etiquette, became a professional tool used for marketing.

Today, you have emails, chat, texting, social media and many other technological tools that aid in marketing one’s services/products but the Business Card is difficult to replace by anything digital.

One of the main reasons for this would be the fact that exchanging contact information (virtual business card) is completely impersonal. Despite the digital takeover in all facets of our life, nothing can replace person-to-person conversation. Actual meeting and exchanging business cards are more memorable encounters and for most, it is the beginning of a fruitful professional relationship.

That’s why Business Cards are still being used. They are effective marketing tools that do not get buried under thousands of data in your phone or tablet.

A Business Card is the first indication of how good your brand/service is. If it is designed professionally with an impeccable language it goes a long way to creating a good impression upon your clients.

Here are a few elements of professional business card design that you need to remember –

They need to look professional – You might sell comic books for a living but that doesn’t mean that your Business Card needs to look like them. Business cards need to look professional, neat and concise no matter what business you deal in.

Relevance – The business card should be accurate and relevant and must represent the brand and the industry you are in.

Visually Appealing – While the business cards need to look professional, it should also be visually appealing but leave a memorable impression. This element is needed more so for those who are making personal business cards where it needs to be creative, classy and impressive as it would be the direct reflection of your personality.

Standard Design – Most standard business cards 2” x 3.5” in size and it would be a good idea to retain the same size and remain consistent.

Simplicity – Keeping it simple is very important. Space is limited in a business card so you can’t use too many graphics apart from the logo. Making space for essential contact information is a must and they must be presented with a good font face. Avoid using multiple font colours, as they do not look professional.

Creative professionals can get as unique as they want with their business cards. Thicker card size, a splash of colours, embossing, foil stamping, unique wording…

A business card is the first impression that you would make on your client so it’s imperative that you get it done right. 2adprostore’s professional team can help design it perfectly for you. Use our experience to guide you in the right direction!

Create Effective Marketing Banners that Actually Might Work?

How to create effective marketing banners that actually might work?

Banner ads have been around for a long time now. One might say that these ads have been around since the advent of Internet. That’s what makes it difficult to design these ads because they have been around for so long that your audiences are virtually blind to it… unless it is effectively designed to capture attention.

In 2014 Google did a study found out brand recall have increased by 15.8% for certain campaigns through banner ads. The study revealed that there is yet potential in the good old banner ads.

Here are a few tips to make it more effective –

Cross-Screen Banner Ads

In today’s fast moving world, rich media ads need to be made for different screens – web, mobile, tablets. An effective banner ad would be fluid shaped in infinite sizes with a responsive design that would fit all screens and utilize the space perfectly.

Personalized Ads

Banner ads that really work across the audience are the ones that are personalised. Using targeted advertising works great with the audience. When the user is checking out a particular product in a shopping site and when the same product is seen as an animated web ad or rich media ad in the mobile/tablet or laptop, the chances of clicking on the said ad is high.

Compelling text and graphics

This might be an oft-repeated adage in advertising but it is still worth remembering. Compelling text and immersive graphics do work wonders! Use images of faces, brand colours and clear text will make the banner ads stand out. Minimal text is also recommended lest it becomes cluttered.

Clear Branding

A must – especially in banner ads! The logo and the company name need to be displayed in a clear concise manner. Clubbing an offer along with ad by giving promo codes or discount codes gives immense value to the ad and will make the banner truly useful for the user.

Banner ads often underestimated but when used correctly they give you more ROI than any other rich media ad that you would design to amp up the branding. Good creative quality is a must for digital display campaigns and with the right creative team working on your ads they would yield dramatic results.

That’s where a professional team like 2adprostore would help. With years of experience in designing for prominent media houses in Europe, US, UK and Australia, the team has the best know-how in the industry today.

Five reasons why your company needs a professional creative agency

Most entrepreneurs and start-ups today have an ingrained DIY (Do-it-Yourself) attitude. While it might work in most departments when it comes to marketing, you do need a professional team to create immersive graphics that leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Here are five compelling reasons as to why you need a professional creative agency

Professional yet Creative

Professionally made creatives reflect the quality of the brand and business. That’s why most start-ups and organisations hire a creative professional(s) but for most SMBs who have a small budget for marketing, hiring a team is not feasible. Most often than not, they turn to rookie freelancers who have no experience in designing good quality creatives. This results in badly designed ugly creatives that do not advance the brand in any direction and casts bad aspersions upon the quality of product/service. That’s where a professional creative agency like 2adprostore comes in very handy. With a creative team that has professional experience in designing quality graphics, your marketing collateral becomes not only effective but also leaves a lasting impression upon the audience.


Efficiency and quality go hand in hand while designing good creatives. Marketing campaigns need to be planned well in advance and their graphics should be ready to go on the stipulated date and time. With a professional creative agency, the volume of graphics is instantly scalable and you get to launch your campaigns on time.

Creative Experience

The requirements of a good creative have changed a great deal in the past decade. From being eye-catchy and colourful the graphics of today need engage the audience positively. They need to be memorable, unforgettable and noteworthy for the audience to remember and recall the brand positively. Immersive media that gives the audience a singular holographic experience is what is needed today. And sadly, most SMBs can’t engage an experience creative graphics professional to give them an awe-inspiring marketing collateral. However, this is possible if you engage a creative agency like 2adprostore to design the creatives. With the best possible creative team in hand, they come with many years of experience in designing graphics for media houses abroad.

Quick Turn-around Time

Quick turn-around time is vital especially if you are into social media marketing. It is important to make use micro-moments that make rules the media these and to do that a quick turn-around time is needed to create quality graphics and design appealing facebook ads. A creative agency with a team can scale up easily and give you graphics that are of top-notch quality right on time.


Hiring a team of graphics experts is expensive. Hiring even one graphics professional is also expensive especially for a start-up SMB. If you do the math, you will find that you will be saving exorbitant amounts of money by engaging a creative design agency rather than hiring on your own. Apart from saving space, salary amount, it is efficient to pay per creative rather than engage a graphic professional exclusively and increase your monthly spend.

A professional creative marketing agency comes with a lot of diverse experience and their expertise in creating graphics is probably the best in the industry.

Engaging agencies like 2adprostore makes a lot of sense for SMBs and start-ups as they offer competitive rates for a great deal of creativity.


Essential Marketing Collaterals Every Business Must Have

While marketing collaterals are a must for any business it is the quality of these materials that creates the first impression upon the clients. Be it print or digital, collaterals need to be designed professionally with content that is concise, crisp and memorable. Here is a list of essential marketing collaterals that every business must have –

Business Cards

These may never go out of fashion. Business cards have been used since the 18th century and are still being used. Professional business cards with uncluttered information and clear communication is essential.  With an eye-catching logo, perfect taglines and unambiguous content you can create an ever-lasting good impression with just a standard business card!

Logo and Business Collaterals

Designing a great logo and Business collateral go a long way in creating the right impression about the business. As with all business collaterals, letterheads and business stationary too needs be designed professionally with an impressive logo and good quality materials. Even paperless offices need letterheads to send digital invoices, proposals and sales pitches. Formal and professional letterheads lend an aura of authority and efficiency to the brand and business. As an investment, a professionally designed letterhead and stationary are worth the effort as you won’t have to change it anytime soon.

Sales Brochures and Catalogues

A must-have marketing arsenal sales brochures and catalogues are vital for business. A well-made sales brochure not only creates a positive impression on the client but also informs them about the different products and services that you offer in a nutshell. Catalogues make a great marketing collateral for short-term sales, offers and deals. This leaves your customers with a lasting impression about the services, quality and the products that you offer.

Flyers and Leaflets

Known as effective marketing tools, flyers and leaflets draw attention from the audience for specific time-bound sales, offers or deals. Perfect for branding, leaflets and flyers are perfect marketing promotional materials that can be handed out at an event or through newspaper inserts. Intelligently chosen colors, tasteful designs and the right content make the flyers more effective and worth the investment.


Known as the most underestimated marketing tool, envelopes do leave a lasting impression on clients. For one thing, bespoke envelopes help in branding as the client would be able to distinguish easily the communication that is being sent to him. Distinctive envelopes with a great logo can do much for branding than a print ad in a newspaper.

Make use of 2AdPro Stores professional marketing packs and marketing collaterals to improve the branding and marketing effectiveness of your business. 

As with all business collaterals – creativity, efficiency and professional design need to come together with crisp and concise content. The creative team of 2adprostore has many years of experience in designing high quality and cost effective Corporate identity, marketing collaterasls, print and digital ads, website design and video animation and editing at fast turnarounds for small and mid-sized businesses across the globe.